NeilMed WaxOut Plus

NeilMed WaxOut Plus

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NeilMed WaxOutTM Plus

Reusable Flexible Ear Cleaners with Wax Softener and Ear Plugs

12 Reusable Ear Cleaners, Wax Softener & Ear Plugs. Complete Ear Hygiene System For:

Wax Build Up – Itching – Water Extraction – Exfoliation

The Coil contains Interlocking rolls that compress to help collect and loosen material, as well as extract water – the Coil functions as the perfect cotton-swab replacement.

The Bristle is comprised of a collection of different fiber lengths and thicknesses tohelp loosen and collect material and debris, as well as aiding in itch relief.

The Screw works by boring into, displacing, and helping to collect material and debrislaterally into the ridges – moving it out of the ear canal.

The Club is designed with a stubby, bumpy surface with perforations leading to a central cavity to help detach, dislodge, and collect material and debris, while also working to exfoliate the ear canal.


  • 12 reusable earwax tools
  • 1 bottle of carbamide peroxide 15 ml (0.5 fl oz) ear wax softener
  • Two ear plugs.

For use in the ear only. Make sure to check physical integrity of the tool prior to use. When using for the first time, begin with the COIL tool. Grasp tool comfortably between thumb, index and middle fingers. Direct toward ear. Gently advance tool toward the ear canal and SPIN tool continuously – slowly advancing into the outer portion of canal. Rotate in one direction per insertion. For additional extraction, try the BRISTLE, SCREW or CLUB tools.
DO NOT POKE OR JAB INTO EAR. DO NOT FORCIBLY ADVANCE. NOT FOR DEEP CANAL INSERTION. Each person’s requirements vary. Impacted earwax should be removed by a health care professional. Check with your physician.

Clean with soap and warm water followed by immersing ear tools in isopropyl rubbing alcohol 70%. Use tool when dry.


Intended for EAR HYGIENE: cleaning of debris, itch relief, exfoliation, water extraction and superficial wax around the ear and outer ear canal. Daily or less frequent use may be beneficial.

Directions for Dosing

  • To aid with softening of the earwax, you may use NeilMed Clear Canal Earwax Softener in conjunction with the ear tools to provide maximum benefit.
  • Remove the cap from the NeilMed Clear Canal Earwax Softener bottle and squeeze a few drops of the solution into the cavity of the cap. Dip the tip of the ear tool into the solution so that the tip of the tool is coated with softener solution. Follow the directions given for use of the tools.
  • Wash the cap with warm water and dry completely before placing back on softener bottle.
  • If you wish, you may also place 10 drops of NeilMed Clear Canal Earwax Softener in the ear canals as directed prior to use of the ear tools. Keep ears plugged for 5-10 minutes. Now use the tools to remove the softened earwax.

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